The Transnational Crisis Project is a not-for-profit organisation. It is dedicated to providing solutions to the world’s most serious problems by providing practical applications on the ground. Crisis Project’s core objective is to affect positive change in the areas that it chooses to undertake its activities. We believe that globalisation has initiated a fundamental shift in the security threats facing all populations of the international community. Threats are now able to communicate and interact across traditional boundaries like never before – the Westphalian System of international diplomacy is not a practical solution to managing threats.

We believe that the major security issues facing the global population are stateless and mainly impact Human Security not National Security. We believe that countries are failing to devise effective strategies to deal with the core transnational issues and the gap between threats to nations’ security and their development of strategies to counter them is vast. We believe that only populations themselves have the power to tackle these issues. We believe we are positioned to develop practical research based strategies and policy initiatives that tackle these issues by maintaining thinking that actively crosses across borders, cultures and ideologies

Crisis Project was established in 2007 to develop practical strategies and programmes that will specifically address:-

  • International Terrorism and Insurgency
  • Population Centric Foreign and Domestic Policy
  • Transnational Crime
  • Transnational Disease
  • The Security Implications of Climate Change
  • Energy and Water Security
  • Gender Inequality and Ethnic Tensions

Crisis Project currently has operations and teams working in London, Washington and Islamabad (Pakistan).










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